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Bloomberg published an article a couple of days ago how the Wolves of Wallstreet are afraid of women now. Specifically, how they’re scared any interaction with female colleagues could lead to sexual harassment complaints or, even worse, lawsuits. Even hiring a woman these days could be „an unknown risk“ says an anonymous wealth advisor who seems to never have had a parent who taught him decency and manners. Or maybe he forgot how to be human, it’s been known to happen to men who only deal with numbers. 

The #metoo era apparently scared many of these guys pantsless and the only logical consequence seems to be: no more dinners alone with female colleagues, no more one-on-one meetings and if it cannot be avoided it should never happen behind closed doors, always in rooms with windows. Men old enough to have grandchildren feel like they have to walk on eggshells because even after 50 years on this earth, they don’t know how to treat people respectfully. Alright then. 

How come this argument is mostly made by men who work in areas where they’re predominantly surrounded by other penis bearers with too much power in their hands (metaphorically speaking, I am not referring to their „alone time activities“)? Seems like what they’re really looking for a is a free pass to behave like an ass with no one around to call them out. I’ve never heard this type of reasoning from male nurses. Or male kindergarten teachers. Or any other male employee or employer working in an environment where power and gender play a minor (implicit) role in the execution of their jobs.

Also, to turn the discussion around and pretend that the problem is not the countless men who crossed boundaries but the few women who filed wrongful complaints is insulting to all victims. Trevor Noah puts it best in one of his „Between The Scenes“ segments so we’ll end this with his words.


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